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Dateline Lusaka: 01-07-2003

Nakatindi warns of Barotse insurrection . . . over Liuwa, Sioma-Ngwezi national parks

A highly charged article appears in The Post of Zambia today July 1st 2003 over the issue of the lease of Liuwa and Sioma-Ngwezi National Parks in Western Province. In this article, which is published on the Internet by, it becomes clear that there is great unease in some circles about the possible ramifications of putting the management of specific regions of Barotse land under the management of foreigners, whatever their intentions. It is to be hoped that this issue can be cleared up in the best interests of the people of the regions involved and that the unity and purpose of the Lozi nation is not endangered by public splits which have now attracted the attention of the world's media, even the BBC having published a story on the subject.