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Dateline 25-06-2003

Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia Threatens Barotse Cattle
From The Post of Zambia

Contagious Bovine pleuro-pneumonia (CBPP) has continued to wipe-out large herds of cattle in Lukulu and other districts of the Western Province. The livestock disease had so far claimed over 2,500 cattle in some outlying areas of Lukulu district while farmers were worried at the gravity of the situation. Western Province deputy minister Simasiku Namakando yesterday warned that the continuous loss of animals from CBPP would increase the already high poverty levels as cattle rearing was the main economic activity of the people. Namakando appealed to agriculture minister Mundia Sikatana to intervene by ensuring that funds meant for the vaccination programme for CBPP were sent to the area quickly. He said the availability of the funds would enable veterinary officers to get to the most affected areas to contain the spread of the disease. CBPP outbreaks have also been recorded in other areas of the province and claimed large numbers of cattle.