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Museum buildings - Limulunga

Nayuma Museum and Heritage Centre

Museum entrance and reception desk

Nayuma Museum and Heritage Centre is located in Limulunga adjacent to the Litunga's flood-time palace. It is the only museum as such in Western Province and is affiliated to the National Museums Board of Zambia based in the capital, Lusaka.

The construction of the Nayuma Museum started in 1984 with funding from NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation). It was called a museum even though it was not supposed to be a museum in the strict sense of the word but rather a cultural centre. Nayuma, which means storehouse, is the name of those parts of the palace where the Litunga's personal royal effects and gifts are kept.

The Nayuma Museum has the traditional museum's objectives to acquire, conserve, research and exhibit the cultural heritage of the people in Western Province. Its Director, Manyando Mukela who is also Ngambela (Prime Minister) to the Litunga (King) of Barotseland is committed to the Museum's role as conservator of the Barotse nation's heritage at Nayuma and leads a team of enthusiastic workers who all have some knowledge of Lozi history or heritage skill of their own.

The development of the heritage project in Barotseland to encompass the expansion of the centre's activities that will in turn spurn growth in other activities such as craft making and service industries such as accommodation and catering are goals that aims to contribute to. also seeks specifically to recreate an archive at Nayuma of all the documents and literature and artifacts relevent not just to the history of Barotseland but also its geography, economy and socio-culture.

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