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Litunga Lewanika and Litunga la Mboela, Matauka, 1880s

Living History of the Lozis Project

Litunga la Mboela Makwibi, Sambi and Indunas, 2001

Litungas of Barotseland
The title 'Litunga' is the title of the Lozi king and means 'of the earth' or 'owner of the earth' signifying that the King of the Lozis is caretaker of all the lands of the Lozi kingdom. The first monarchs of the Luyi people who were the earliest known of the Lozi peoples present today in Barotseland were led by women when they first arrived on the Bulozi flood plain after a staged migration from the Lunda-Luba empire of the Katanga region in present day Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The earliest known of these queens is remembered by the name of Mwambwa who bore a daughter called Mbuyuwamwambwa - 'Mbuyu of Mwambwa'. It is from this queen under whose leadership the Luyi settled in Kalabo district. During the reign of Mbuyu, one of her sons, Mboo was selected to be the first male monarch and from that time forwards, only males have occupied the Kingship. The dates of the reigns of the various kings are vague up to the time of Lewanika.

Here is a list of Litungas in chronological order starting with the first male. There are variations on this list and the reader might wish to consult other historians for comparison.

  • Mboo - also: Mwanasilundu Muyunda - Mboo may have been a nickname added after his overdue birth
  • Inyambo - older brother to Mboo
  • Yeta - an uncle to Mboo and Inyambo, sister of Mbuyu
  • Ingalamwa
  • Ngalama - son of Ingalamwa
  • Yeta Nalute - son of Ngalama
  • Ngombala - son of Ngalama
  • Yubya
  • Mwanawina
  • Mwananyanda
  • Mulambwa - : c1780-c1830
  • Silumulume - son of Mulambwa
  • Mubukwanu - son of Mulambwa

      Makololo interregnum
    • Sibitwane : died 7th July 1851
    • Mamochisane - daughter of Sibitwane, said to have handed the chiefship over very quickly
    • Sekeletu - son of Sibitwane 1852-1864
    • Mamili
    • Mbololo - brother of Sibitwane 1864-1864

  • Sipopa - also: Lutangu 1864-1876

  • Mwanawina1876-1878
  • Lubosi : 1878-1884 (b. c1842 d. Feb. 1916)

  • Tatila Akufuna : 1884-1885

  • Lubosi - now known as Lewanika 'the uniter': 1885-1916

  • Litia - became Yeta III - son of Lewanika: 1916-1945 (June)

  • Imwiko : son of Lewanika 1945-1948 (June)

  • Mwanawina III : 1948-1968 (b. c1888 d. 13th Nov 1968)

  • Mbikusita - son of Lewanika: 1968 (15th Dec)-1977 (b. c1907 d. 1977)

  • Ilute - sometimes referred to as Yeta IV - son of Yeta III: 1977-2000 (d. 7th July 2000)

  • Lubosi II - son of Imwiko: 2000 (October) - presently reigning - 'Yo shoo, Yo shoo, long live His Royal Highness!'

Malena a Nalolo
Litunga la Mboela is a Mulena Mukwae (princess chief) ruling over the southern part of Bulozi who, in the contemporary era at least, is simultaneously Regent Princess of Barotseland. Most of the year she is based at Nalolo, the traditional capital of the south and second most important royal centre of Barotseland, but in the flood season, she proceeds by means of Kuomboka in her own Nalikwanda barge to Muoyo on the eastern margin of the flood plain. The present incumbent of the position, the Mokwae Makwibi, has been the Litunga la Mboela since 1958 and is highly respected. She has borne witness to four Litungaships at Lealui/Limulunga. Her Prime Minister is called Sambi (the present occupoant of the post is Pastor Barrington Kalaluka Muhongo) who heads a Kuta and Indunas at Nalolo/Muoyo. This Kuta is made up of occupants with titles similar to those of the Saa Sikalo Kuta at Lealui/Limulunga.

  • Notulu - daughter to Mwanambinje, wife to Ngalama
  • Mbanga
  • Yubya
  • Nakambe
  • Mwanamatia
  • Kusiyo
  • Mubukwanu - Prince who fought and won against his brother Silumelume in the succession battle following the death of their father, Mulambwa. This was immedaitely followed by defeat to the forces of Sibituane and his Makololo hordes
    Makololo interregnum
  • Kandundu
  • Kaiko
  • Mwangala
  • Matauka - sister to Lubosi I / Lewanika
  • Maibiba - sister to Tatila Akufuna
  • Atangambuyu
  • Mulima
  • Makwibi [1958-present]

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