Online discussion forums

The objective of these webpages is to discuss and share ideas and information on the theme of economic and social development for the people of Barotseland as well as the conservation of its unique physical environment. One of the projects that is keen to initiate and/or be involved with is the creation of an indigenous 'knowledge bank' comprising records of knowledge gained by the people of the old kingdom of Barotseland in areas such as agriculture, care of the physical environment, healthcare, craft and other productive skills, political and economic organisation, language and other communicative skills but the overall aim is positive social and economic 'development.'

If you possess any of such knowledge and information and are prepared to share it with others, we would like to hear from you. The knowledge bank will be situated at the Nayuma Museum and Cultural Centre, Limulunga. Your entry will be posted to the discussion board so long as there is no overt political message as we are an apolitical organisation.

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