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Bibliography and references

Nalikwanda "en-route" April 2004

This bibliography is an attempt to try to group together all the literature on the Upper Zambezi Basin with especial emphasis on the historical entity of Barotseland. It is very much a work in progress and is likely to remain so. The primary objective is to provide scholars of all disciplines, development practioners and analysts, policy and decision makers and those just interested in the region and its people with some points of reference. The list will never be exhaustive and we will be very grateful to receive updates on work we have missed out and new work too. Please address any suggestions for updates to the author of this page. We prefer to list published work although we will list unpublished theses completed at a recognised academic institution and other pertinent documents that have relevance of some kind.

It is hoped, in the future, to compile an archival list also.

The bibliography is divided into two sections as follows:

  • General - This list comprises assorted works that either focus on or relate in part to the Upper Zambezi Valley region including Barotseland; Western Province, Zambia; Caprivi and its peoples, Balovale, and historically linked areas. No attempt has been made here to divide into social or physical aspects or other subject categories. Thus the best use of this list would probably be as an author search.
  • By subject - this list provides more direction. Many works appear under more than one heading
    • Agriculture and livestock
    • Archaeology and palaeo-geography
    • Biophysical environment/hydrology/climate/flora and fauna
    • Caprivi
    • Cattle
    • European adventurers/colonialists/explorers/hunters/military/missionaries/traders (up to 1939)
    • Kaonde/Ba-Kaonde
    • Language: Silozi/Sikololo/Siluyana and others relevant to Upper Zambezi region
    • Lewanika (Lubosi I)
    • Luvale /Balovale, Lunda/Balunda
    • Makololo
    • Mbukushu/Hambukushu/Hambukush
    • Missionaries and belief systems/religion generally
    • Nkoya/Koya/Mankoya
    • Physical environment
    • Unpublished and published theses and occasional papers
    • Vernacular: publications and papers in Silozi and other local languages
    • Zambezi River/Lyambai
    • Zambia
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