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About Us

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What is B'net? is an online resource centre which has derived from the non-governmental organisation organisation (2005-2010) - now defunct. The mission and activities of B'com as it was called for short are narrated in a separate document currently being written. or B'net for short, focuses on the provision of data, information and knowledge of the Upper Zambezi Valley. In essence, it is a knowledge sharing platform. The platform focuses on those parts of modern day countries that share the Upper Zambezi Valley, including Western Province of Zambia, formerly known as Barotseland Province and before that, in the colonial era, Barotseland Protectorate, which was like a protectorate within a protectorate - that of Northern Rhodesia, also the south eastern portions of Angola containing tributaries of the Upper Zambezi and the Caprivi region, now contained in Zambezi and Kavango provinces of Namibia, all of which are contiguous in terms of their social ecological systems and whose peoples are closely related. A quick look at a geomorphological map of the region quickly reveals the homogeneity of the region and why it can be studied as a single entity while comprising different elements of modern day republics.

Who is B'net for?

Users of this platform are likely to include researchers of various disciplines. However, taken as a whole, the platform is intended to reflect a social geography and history of the region. Reserachers may find the bibliography section of particular interest as this is where readers will find references to most known works concerning the region, across all academic disciplines.

Who is B'net?

B'net is authored by a small team of folks in the Upper Zambezi Valley, in England and in other parts of Africa all sharing a passion for this beautiful region of Africa. To contact us, click here.

It is important to state that this platform is purely a resource base for the educational benefit of all with an interest in the Upper Zambezi region. B'net, like its predecessor organisation, B'com, has no political affiliation,agenda or interest whatsoever and never will have.

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